Press release 17 March 2009: Portsari is in full operation!

Getting vehicles into shape without unnecessary driving and detours:

The service centre for heavy vehicles, Portsari, is already in operation at Vuosaari Harbour

The maintenance and service centre for heavy vehicles, Portsari, has began its operations at Vuosaari harbour, facilitating the lives of busy professional motorists. Portsari provides all the required maintenance services and equipment ranges, which saves client companies both time and money. Portsari is located immediately at the “gate”, i.e. alongside the road to the harbour, whereupon it is possible for even the heaviest vehicles to get close to the services. Although the range of services is already fairly complete at the moment, it will be further developed according to user requirements.

It is easy to get to Portsari

The full-service centre, Portsari, which is open at Rahtarinkatu 1 in Vuosaari Harbour, was created through the real need of a lively and developing harbour area. It’s location is logistically well-considered and accessible to its users, since it is located at the gate to the area, alongside a refuelling point for heavy vehicles and a long-stay parking area.

Drivers can bring their vehicles for the following services, among others, drive-time or tyre servicing, inspections, oil changes and cleaning, or to obtain particular spare parts, oils and other chemicals in a handy way, whilst travelling to the port on other business. Portsari thus functions as a installation service centre, as well as a pick-up point for accessories and spare parts. The service concept’s versatile maintenance work includes, for example, spring work for trailers, in addition to chassis work.

Both the vehicles and the drivers themselves are looked after at Portsari: the restaurant services will ensure that customers will not remain hungry and thirsty. Facilities can be reserved from the restaurant for meetings, sauna events and other services.

The service centre is unique in the whole of Europe

On the basis of customer surveys and service provider experiences, the concept genuinely eases the work of heavy vehicle drivers. The City of Helsinki selected Portsari as the company of the month for November last year, as its concept is considered to be unique, not only in Finland, but throughout the whole of Europe. Due to its location and the diversity of its services, the service centre decreases un-necessary journeys, reduces fuel costs and makes better use of the transportation companies’ time. For example, whilst awaiting operations involving the harbour’s other businesses, drivers can easily visit Portsari. Public transportation is also close at hand and can be used by drivers during the period that their vehicle is being looked at. Thus, the amount of car emissions will be reduced.

The service at Portsari is quick and diverse

One of Portsari’s service companies among others is Autohuolto Arvi Hämäläinen Oy, who perform safety inspections of tank transportation vehicles. “A daily traffic flow of 3 000 – 3 500 vehicles is ex-pected through the Vuosaari harbour area. At Portsari, we are prepared to receive 4.5% of these, or in other words, a rate of 10 vehicles per hour,” along with the other businesses, says Tuomo Hämäläinen, leader of the Portsari-concept. “We want to further develop our service concept, and strengthen our business network in the future to support the Portsari service.” Autohuolto A. Hämäläinen’s field of business includes the servicing and maintenance of tank transportation vehicles. Essmo Lubes & Chemicals takes care of the sales of the company’s lubricants and chemicals.

Other Portsari service providers and premises lessors are A-Katsastus Oy, specialised in vehicle in-spections, registrations, and driver examination services, Bertschi Oy, a transportation company, Envi-roc Oy’s GiantWash-cleaning point, which is a washing and cleaning service for heavy vehicles and cars, even offering a mobile washing unit for local companies, Europart Finland, a sales company for heavy vehicle accessories and chemicals, Hoyer Group, taking care of tank, silo, gas and foodstuff transportations, Q Transport Oy, a specialised transportation service and safety trainer, Ravintola Port, providing a wide range of catering and premises rental services, Rengasnet Oy’s Rengasasema pro-viding tyre services plus Vallilan Takomo Oy, a specialised company concentrating on heavy vehicle spring installations – and pick up services.

The opening hours of Portsari vary as to the relevant service. However, for example, Autohuolto A. Hämäläinen is open on weekdays from 6.30 – 22. The company specific opening hours are available on the Web page / companies.